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Q.   This site doesn't look/work right.  Why?

A.   It's probably your web browser.  A web browser is the software that enables a computer to view sites on the Internet.  Unfortunately they are all different and not every browser can see every feature on every site.  Also, browsers are constantly being updated to accommodate new features so they get out of date quickly. 


Q.  Can't a website be designed to work equally well with every browser?

A.   No.  However, Brentmorrison.com has been designed to work well with current versions of Microsoft Internet Explorer and Netscape Navigator, which covers about 90% of Internet users.


Q.   I either don't have Internet Explorer or Navigator, or I do and I'm still having problems.

A.   You can get the latest versions of Internet Explorer and Navigator FREE by clicking here for Microsoft Internet Explorer or here for Netscape Navigator.  Just follow the instructions on screen and you'll be able to view this site, and thousands of others, much better.


Q.   I have the latest version of Internet Explorer or Netscape, and I'm still having problems.  Any other ideas?

A.   Maybe.  Click here to ask the webmaster


Q.   Some of the links don't work.

A.   Links to pages within this site should always work, but problems can arise.  Links to other sites may become outdated or pages may be removed.  Please click here to let me know of problems with links.


Q.   I have spotted typos or encountered another another problem.

A.   Please click here to email me; I will fix as soon as possible.









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