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Q.     What is the Brent Morrison column?
A.     "Brent Morrison" is a weekly newspaper feature offering down-to-earth observations on ethics, values, and faith in everyday life.  Combining insight and humor, the column focuses on people rather than theological detail, tackling both the ordinary trials of everyday life and the greater moral issues of the day.  Read Brent in the
Chico Enterprise-Record (CA), the Corsicana Daily Sun (TX), the Imperial Valley Press (El Centro, CA), the Oroville Mercury-Register (CA), the Times-Herald (Vallejo, CA), and the Turlock Journal (CA).  His columns are occasionally  featured on the webzine Men's News Daily (www.mensnewsdaily.com).

Q.     Who is Brent Morrison?
A.     Brent is a lifelong Californian who lives with his wife and children in the northern part of the state.  A keen observer, Brent digs beneath the sound bites and news blurbs, exploring the underlying meaning of events.  See Bio.  He is also an experienced financial and management consultant.  Visit his consulting site at Morrisonco.net.


Q.     What is a "Junk File?"
A.     As noted in the first Junk File piece in January 1998, it is "... a file I keep for topics I didnít get to, thoughts that arenít strong enough to carry an entire column, or ideas that made sense at the time but seemed to get a little hazy with age Ė though I canít promise these reasons will stop me every time."  One appears every couple of months.


Q.     What's with the "Girl-Child" and "Boy-Child" stuff?  Don't those kids have real names?  Are they in the Witness Protection program or something?

A.     Brent first referred to his son as "you know, the boy child" as an infant,  while in a sleep deprived stupor after running through the names of every other family member and household pet.  The nicknames are used in the column to give his children plausible deniability.


Q.     How often is this site updated?
A.     At least once a week, usually Sunday.

Q.     Can't you think of a more clever name for the column than "Brent Morrison?"
A.     No.

Q.     Can I get Brent in my local paper?

A.     Click here to find out how.

Q.     May I ask another question?

A.     Yes.  Just click here.








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