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Brent Morrison lives in Durham, California, with his wife and children, "Girl-Child," 16, and "Boy-Child," 15.  His wife is ageless.

A second generation Californian, Brent's topics range from moral and ethical questions of national importance to how he named his cat, always with a focus on the impact of the choices we face every day.  Like most newspaper columnists, Brent is a certified public accountant.


Brent is also an experienced management and financial consultant.  Visit his consulting site at Morrisonco.net



 Photo Gallery


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Brent with Mother Teresa, 1996

Brent's 1997 column on volunteering with Mother Teresa remains a reader favorite.

Brent with Pakistani militiaman

Brent's visit to Pakistan, including an Afghan refugee camp, gives him empathy for the Afghani people. The soldier is one of the good guys.

Jet boating in Canada

Girl-Child and Boy-Child

Yes, they have real names. We're sworn to secrecy.

Brent's wife

She also has a name. Sworn to secrecy again.

Ollie, Morrison family dog

Brent's column on Pug Sunday brought a record number of hits to Brentmorrison.com. Everyone wants to see a pug in a bat suit, I guess.

Gopher gun at work

Brent's column on a method of rodent extermination using propane brought near-record hits to Brentmorrison.com.

Otis, former website logo model

Otis served as the original Brentmorrison.com logo. He is now happily retired.

Morrison Family

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